Nostalgia by Meshael AlBlehed

Posted on April 6, 2011 by


Northern winds blow and I can see the memories they carry. I feel the heavy weight of them on my face. Sometimes it just astounds me what I’ve been through. Browsing my recollections of things past, I’m still not sure how I arrived here.

With the slightest flicker of light, my mind is flooded with faces and places. Time has been eating away at the edges and I can’t put a name to each face anymore. But everything, the good and the bad, it lies light and heavy on my heart.

Chilly mornings on a staircase with friends and scribbled notes. I used to think I could write a book somehow.

Late nights next to a fire mixed with star gazing and pillow talk. I used to think we’d be friends forever.

I’m awakened by a flurry of leaves moved by a gust of wind. It’s not the wind that’s making my eyes tear up.

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