Nostalgia by Raghad Al Rijraji

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His hands were gentle on her skin as he clasped her necklace around her neck. He placed a tender kiss on her aged skin then, and moved away. She stood in-front of the mirror, in that reflection, she saw skin that has folded into million wrinkles, cheekbones stuck out sharply and hair made into a perfect white bun on the top of her head.

She closed her eyes, and she was that girl in her floral dress again.Oh, she possessed so much beauty at the time. Her dresses were always tailored by the best tailors in town, her heels made the perfect clicking beats on the floor. How she was graceful and elegant; twirling around while she danced, how every young fella’s head would turn to stare at the way her skirt swayed around her tiny ankles. She had the most delicate waist and a bewitching figure. Her eyes flirtatious and mysterious; she had never needed that extra layer of mascara. She was the only girl with short hair, which added more to her appeal.

She was that beautiful sinister girl, the girl with the tempting ways; yet still pure as crystal water.

She opened her eyes ever so slowly, savoring the pictures she held beneath her lids. How she longed for her 17-year-old self, playful and carefree, energized by the attention she demanded wherever she went.

She made a little spin with her arms raised, smiling at her self when she knew, she could still master that move that had caught Jimmy’s eyes in the summer of 1949.

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