Being Human by Raghad Al Rijraji

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My voice was my weapon, I used it to hold back the injustice and the cruelty, it was what showed that inside me, inside all the uneven edges of my actions, was a soul that still got raged for the indifference of the world, that still got devastated and felt helpless whenever there was blood spilled. I sucked strenght right out of the soil I was walking upon. I was motivated by the unity of the people around me. I had a sense of righteousness. I finally had it in me to stand my ground and yell with the crowd for equality and freedom.

No matter what i did before, no matter what wrongs Ive done; a man of low actions. I was obliged to have a spark of fury towards the dictators, towards the massacres, and the half truths.

I went through my life, had a respectable job, a beautiful family and filled it with boring, dull daily routines. I was cursed with ignorance, as many others are.

Here, right here surrounded with people who possessed truth in their strong, brave, hearts. Here, among the crowd that no matter what their differences and backgrounds were and no matter what they felt about each other, they were one.They represented unity, they looked beyond their grudges and their selfishness and shouted with power more lethal than bullets and louder than any siren. They may know or may not know each other, they stood here with one purpose. They have created a family, shared their smiles and breakdowns. Mourned their dead, and sang for freedom together. I’ll be leaving here with every face itched deep inside of my brain. I have made memories; precious, sour, sweet memories.

Yet, we were all flawed. Every single person holding a banner or throwing their fist in the air. Among us was The cheater. The insincere. The bully. The weak. The cruel. The greedy. The insecure. The egomaniac. The fake.

But you are not really human until you’re flawed. You are not really human till you have some good in you. You are not really human till you love and hate and hope and be desperate.

A heart, a conscience and a sense of humanity.

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