New Beginnings by Meshael Al Blehed

Posted on April 7, 2011 by


Birthday, new year, starting college, new house, new friends, new lover, new city, new season, new week, new day. So many chances to start over, you can’t say life never gave you that.

Hi, I’m stuck in four years ago.

I can’t go back and I certainly can’t go forward.

Oh, how I keep breathing in all those new years. They just suffocate me every time. Then I wait to be resuscitated by 2007. Everything was perfect then. And now, the fear of suffocating on a new day keeps me away from sleep. It’s not funny, it never was. But that doesn’t stop the sound of laughter coming from skeletons behind my closet door. Go on and laugh. I single handedly suspended my life to one moment where I thought it was perfect. Pathetic? I know.

Hello world, my name is “In a coma”.

I’m sick of the new year. I grow weary of my birthdays. I tire from all those new days. I really don’t want a new beginning, nor do I see any use for it. I just need the moment where I wake up.

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