The Paranormal by Ayya Al Badr

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There’s nothing I could do to run away. I wanted to fight it, I needed to fight it, but I couldn’t. What have I gotten myself into? I’m stuck between two hells, and there is no way out. I could do nothing but surrender.

I grab my coat and pack of cigarettes off the coffee table and leave the house. The dim streetlights illuminate the empty road, making the night seem even more surreal. I shrug my coat on and light up my first cigarette as I walk along the sidewalk. There are several cars parked along both sides of the street, but I’m looking for one particular red pickup. I try to compose myself, and walk at a slower pace. I need to collect my thoughts, I can’t just rush through this.

I finally begin to see his car in the distance, parked a few yards away on the opposite side of the street. Ignoring the taunts, I walk slowly now, trying to make out the figures in the car. I light up another cigarette, hoping it would calm my nerves, but I can feel the rush of adrenaline as I catch a glimpse of someone in the passenger seat, leaning over to him. “It’s her,” they whisper. “It’s true,” I think. Dropping the cigarette, I run across the street. I can see them clearly now; his fingers through her hair, her lips on his neck, his eyes closed. I don’t want to believe this, and much as I wish it weren’t real, it’s time to face the raw, ugly truth. They push me, telling me to quicken up my pace.  Walking closer to his car, I see his hands are under her shirt now, and he’s kissing her with more passion than he’s ever shown me. I am enraged. “Kill her,” they whisper.

Preparing myself for what I’m about to do, I take a deep breath and look behind me for support. They’re all smiling eagerly, whispering words of encouragement. I stride up to his car, and gathering as much force I could possibly summon, I punch his window. It shatters instantly, and I feel my knuckles breaking, my skin being shredded by the glass. I have never experienced such a state of euphoria. I have never felt so buoyant, so ecstatic, so exhilarated. I am intoxicated by this wonderful pain, and lose myself in this feeling. I barely hear his shouts and her screams over the flood of whispers behind me. I spin around and my eyes widen. They have all doubled in size, and are now shadowing me. “DO IT!” they scream. Motivated, I throw my upper body though the opening and lunge at him. Hurling my shattered fist at his face, I grab her hair with my other hand, and I pull her towards me, dragging her over his body. Jolts of pain run up my arms, and I punch him again as he tries to push her away from me. She tries to resist, but nothing can stop me now. I throw her face on the remains of the broken glass on the windowsill, and she screams as I do it again, and again, and again. Her blood runs down the side of the car, and the hysterical laughs overwhelm me. I am a mess, I am furious, I am excited. I let go of her and see blood on her scalp where I ripped the hair out. I smile.

“Now, him!” they giggle. My thoughts are consumed with how proud of me they are. Tears of joy stream down my face. My last spurts of energy are used to break his face with my broken fist.

The laughter escalates to shrieks, and I fall back down on the pavement in exhaustion.

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