The Paranormal by Raghad Al Rijraji

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The Phantom examined the newly dug grave closely. It smelled of rich soil and despair. He took a lungful breath; it was such a teasing, delicious smell. He loved how dark and deep it was; swallowed you whole and kept you trapped in. Soon. It was very soon till he gets to watch his favorite play. The actors weeping; the air heavy with grief.

His body burned with anticipation.

He stared at the now full grave with the beautiful girl who was standing before it. Her face, smeared with mascara. Her eyes vacant and without any light.

She wore a short black dress that exposed her thighs and back delightfully. So much love she held in her heart, so much warmth. He envied the man who was deep in the ground. What was it like to be lost? To have someone cry over you? To have someone whisper your name in pain?

It took only a second for him to make up his mind. She had to be his, she had to belong to the lonely Phantom, she had to be tied and presented to him.

He approached her slowly from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist. His embrace – to her – was like a cold shiver down her spine; he was not to be felt nor seen. He buried his head in the curve of her neck and inhaled her toxic scent. He smiled foolishly; he was never going to be alone again. Trapped eternally where the dead slept, with only rot and bones to accompany him.

She was a euphoric bliss. His mesmerizing prisoner was a euphoric bliss.

He traced the skin of her collarbones with his dirty fingers and let out a short laugh at the pictures he had in his head of him and her together. He then willed his hand to go through the layers of skin and bones, in search for her heart. When he felt the warm, strong muscle, he squeezed it. She gasped, clutching at her heart and feeling her breath shortening. Finally, after her heart surrendered to his desperate grip, she gave one last puff of air and went limp. She was falling to the ground before he could catch her. He hadn’t noticed the tears that were falling down his face.

He only had to wait till dawn. Till her spirit would rise from her cold body and head towards the burning sun.

He would not let her go. She was his. She enlightened his darkness and owned his heart; he knew she would laugh along with him at the fools who brought flowers to their beloveds’ graves. He would teach her all the lullabies he loved, they would hum them together.

She was his and he was hers, she was the fire that spread warmth in his heart.

He laid next to her and hugged her lifeless body tightly, chasing his loneliness away.

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