Eve by Haifa Al Shogiran

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In order to understand this, you must first learn who Eve really is.

There’s something calming about the soft “click” of an elevator, she thought to herself, the subtle sweep up. She spent a fair amount of her life going through them. Up and down she went unnoticed and easily forgettable. In a way they felt like a temporary home, to her always welcoming.

She’s going to miss this feeling. Nothing gave her a rush as much as those few moments before. Her body felt electrified filled with pure exhilarating energy. It was liberating . A jumble of emotions ran through her, making her shiver in anticipation.

She loved going in not knowing what to expect. Him being a total absolute mystery, a mystery she will happily unravel. Slowly, gently, with careful precision, until every single layer is peeled off leaving him there raw, primitive a creature completely consumed with his own desire.

One last time, after that she’s quitting, for good. One last time, she repeated, plastering a seductive smile on her face, just as the door in front of her opened.

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