Eve by Nora Alfie

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In order to understand this, you must first learn who Eve really is.

She’s running.

She’s running in her high heels, trying to catch the train before it leaves.

“I’m not going to miss seeing him again” She thought.

As the door was about to close she entered stumbling breaking her heel.

Trying to catch her breath she looks around.

The only two people on the bus are looking at her.

The old lady in judgment and disgust.

And the fat man in the cheap suit in arousal .

She let out a heavy sigh, and sat at the far corner.

She took her shoes off, leaned her head back, closed her eyes and zoned out.

Thinking “This is the worst part”.

At the end of the day.

After being whatever the clients want.

After the dishonesty of it all.

Even though she has been doing this for long time.

The guilt still lingered on her shoulders.

More now than ever.

She noticed a sobbing teenage girl sitting next to her.

She was surprised since she didn’t even see her coming in.

Out of despair of her own destroying thoughts she asks “Are you okay?”

The hormonal angry girl replied “Do I look okay? I got an F on my statistics exam, my parents got mad at me, I ran away with my boyfriend and now he ditched me.”

Eve smiled at the thought of having a family when she was young, and those minor and adolescent yet very important problems at her age.

Then she simply said to the young girl “Go back home, sweetheart.”

The teenager stopped sobbing but she was still raged with anger; “You call that an advice! Why am I even talking to you, you clearly look like a dirty whore.”

Amused and chuckling, Eve replied ”Listen babe, you have a family that is concerned about you, a roof over your head and a school to go to. At that age I would do anything to have your life. Be thankful for what you have and don’t be a bitch about it.”

The train stopped.

The teenager stood up and said “Thank god I don’t have to listen to your crap anymore” and stormed to the exit door.

As the teenager was reaching the door, the fat guy grabbed her butt.

Scared and startled she grabbed the pole next to her.

Eve stood up and kicked the guy’s crotch, and yelled to the girl “Go home!”.

The girl stepped out and was stuttering saying “T-t-thank you, I-I-I’m sorry”.

The man was screaming in agony “You stupid fucking whore” and was about to slap her.

Eve pulled out her fake gun out of her purse and pointed it at his head.

“Call me a stupid fucking whore one more time, I dare you.”

The fat man murmured something that she didn’t understand.

Feeling courageous she continued “What if that girl had been your daughter or sister, and some fat guy in a shit colored cheep suit touched her like that?!”

“Okay fine! Just put that gun away, dammit.”

Putting the gun back in her purse, she went back to her seat saying nothing and feeling victorious.

Fifteen minutes later the train stopped.

It was Eve’s stop.

She grabbed her shoes, purse and went for the exit door.

She stopped at the door step and with a cheesy smile and a patronizing tone petting the guys head and said ”Don’t you go touching little girls asses now, big boy.” and left.

She crossed the street.

Went up her apartment building.

And there she stares at the love of her life.

Her favorite mistake.

Standing there still in his PJ’s with a messy red hair and big green eyes.

2 feet tall and looking back at her in a glad yet confused way.

Eve picked up her 3 year old son and hugged him.

“It’s all worth it” She thought.

It’s worth the fakeness.

It’s worth it enduring all those nights.

It’s worth the daily craziness.

The spoiled brats.

The broken heels.

The judgmental eyes.

It’s worth it to make him smile.

To get him the things she never had as a child.

To let him turn into someone she never had the choice to be.

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