Eve by Wawy

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In order to understand this, you must first learn who Eve really is.

She was satisfied, her smile filled with pleasure. She couldn’t wait till she tells Dave about this one, this one especially. This was her most creative one yet, she thought this through all day long. She cleaned up after her and went off to Dave’s room. “Hello, Dave.” Said Eve.

“Eve! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you for 30 minutes now.” Dave complained.

“Sorry, it got messy this time. I have a story that will be quite a treat for you. Something that happened to me today.” Eve said.

“My ears are all yours.”

“Today, I had a special client. My favorite one. His name is Dan if you can recall him, he liked it wild, the weirder it gets the more he paid. So I gave him all he wanted and more, much more. I tied him up, and made sure he won’t scream. I sewed his lips together with a metal thread, and just to make sure I welded them together. Then I fucked him, I fucked him so hard. From the back too. I shoved a pipe up his behind so hard that it got stuck by mistake, I really wanted to use the other stuff that I collected from earlier today, but I guess that wasn’t meant to happen…”

Eve went on with her story while Dave sat there stunned, never in her life did Eve kill someone before, she was never this brutal, cutting off one of his balls and half of his penis then trying to feed them to him. That was sick, even for her. Dave didn’t wish to upset Eve so he admired her for her story. And Eve noticed that.

Eve went to bed happy. She was grateful for a friend like Dave. “I should probably show him how much I appreciate him being my friend.” Eve thought out loud. She decide to make love to him after the needles that they gave her, maybe a little bit after. It always made her feel a little bit dizzy.

“They think I’m mental, I’m not mental. I just like things that they don’t like so they decided to lock me up here” Eve told Dave the first day they met. They gave her a heavy treatment, Eve was seriously ill. Her father raped her since she was 12, she ran away at the age of 17 & joined prostitution at the age of 18. One of her clients tried to rape her, & that’s when everything went wrong & they took her to the asylum.

The next day, she woke up and got ready for her appointment with the horrible Dr. Greiche. Rumor has it that he made people only more crazy so he can gain more money. She sat on the leather couch that always made her uncomfortable. “How are you feeling this fine morning, Eve?” Asked Dr. Grieche as soon as she sat.

“Dashing.” Eve said coldly.

“Tell me Eve, how was your week?”

“Oh, it was very eventful. You know, locking me here won’t stop me from doing my job. I fucked a man yesterday.”

“When did you do that?”

“At around 5 o’clock.”

“But you were at your treatment at 5.”

“No I wasn’t, I was fucking Dan.”

“Dan? The man who tried to rape you? Eve, you were at the treatment yesterday, I have the results right here. Your case is getting worse, you are starting to hallucinate. You do know what does this mean right?”

“I wasn’t in the fucking treatment, I even fucking killed him!”

“That’s it. You’ll start getting double the dosages even if that will wear you out.”

“You can’t do this! This only fucks me up!” Dr. Grieche called the nurses to take her and give her the new dosages that he prescribed. They were too much Eve couldn’t even stay awake.

Eve woke up to Dave, she was in her room she still wasn’t in her right mind. She smiled at Dave warmly and thought this was the time to show him. “Lay next to me, Dave” She said.

Dave laid next to her, she can feel how comfortable he was, she could see how happy he was about it. She crawled above him and started kissing him gently, Dave reacted like he was planning for this for a while now, he started touching her.

She threw herself on the bed after they finished. Dave looked satisfied, but she didn’t feel the same. There was something missing. She stood up, locked the door, and went into the toilet and grabbed the razor then went back to bed and sat next to Dave, she bent over and kissed his neck then slashed it open with the razor, she drank his blood, slipping into her fantasy. She drank so much she started vomiting. But that didn’t stop her, she kept making love to the corpse till the nurse started knocking on the door, they unlocked it and rushed into the room, “Its too late” Eve whispered. Dave was dead on the bed and she was on the toilet’s floor, her wrists bleeding. The nurses were able to save her at the last minute.

She woke up with Dr. Grinche next to her bed “Why did you try to kill yourself, Eve?” Dr. Grinche asked, “Cause I killed the best I ever had. I killed Dave and I didn’t even realize that I did until I had enough of him. I’m a terrible person. You shouldn’t have saved me.”

“Who is Dave?”

“Dave is my only friend. He’s a patient here. Just like me. He’s the only one who believed me.”

“There is no Dave in here, Eve. You haven’t killed anyone.”

“What are you talking about? Dave exists! Don’t tell me he’s not here!”

“Eve, don’t move! You need to rest!” Eve continued struggling, she pulled the wires out of her body and managed to get past all of the nurses and doctors, then she fell, she fell from the 3rd story… and she kept falling till everything went black.

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