The World by Meshael Al Blehed

Posted on May 22, 2011 by


The world, a tightly wound clock that ticks with studied movements. So refined and intricate, no detail is left without inspection. Ironic how it looks like a complete mess. Afflicted with an endless onslaught of chaos and disarray.

It’s amazing the perspective you gain when you realize your insignificance. A few steps back and everything seems so trite and trivial. There is no poetry to it, everything you do means nothing; everything you devote yourself to amounts to a speck of dust. If there ever was moment where you couldn’t feel any lonelier, it’s now.

But are we all lost like you? If finding the way home was what you needed then I would have lit a fire so massive that it would devour the heavens above. But all you want is to forget.

For you, I will sing to the sound of the night. I will mourn the setting of the sun. I will dance with the wind. I will drown your life with music and entrance you with the melody and the tune.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve been watching the way music works. It’s nothing special, but there’s a unique air around it. I’ve been watching as it unravels in front me in a predictable but very incomprehensible manner. As it keeps unraveling and approaching clarity, I see how flawless it is. I think that maybe with each time, I am nearing perfection or maybe I’m being blinded even more with its magic. It’s the few seconds where you’re isolated from the world yet connected to everything by a thread of words and notes composed by a genius you never knew, a stranger who graced your ears with something that transcends to unrivaled brilliance.

So when you hear a song that says “Pull me in, and I’m in love with the whole world again.” you can perfectly understand what it means. You can realize how the world redeemed itself.

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