The World by Nora Alfie

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As I ride my bike

All I see is darkness in front of me

All I hear is the soft classical music in my ears

The full moon above me

The city lights are in waves, vibrating, dancing to the music

My thoughts, my legs like the wheels, unstoppable.

They’re taking me places.

Kidnapping me from this world.

This world where leaders are misleading.

Playing chess with our minds, misplacing.

All we are is a globe sized mad house.

The insane are in command.

And the sane are overthrown.

Mistakes are mistaken for corrections.

White lies growing up to be dark lies.

Humanity is worthless while objects are worthwhile.

All it did is keeping me misguided .

Reunited with the feelings of confusion that what we call our world had led me to.

I got all of these thoughts and they’re meaningless.

I have all of this fear and it’s insignificant.

One day I might have the strength to do something.

To stop and lend a hand.

But for now and the coward of a soul in me.

I ride

I ride to the dark.

The rushing air captivates my body.

The music overshadowing my brain.

Thoughts fleeing as my legs paddle faster.

I find comfort in the speed.

I find comfort in the darkness.

I find comfort in the light.

I find comfort in letting my thoughts go.

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