The World by Norah Al Eisa

Posted on May 22, 2011 by


Someone once asked me; “What is your view of the world?” to which I had answered; “Is that a rhetorical question?!”. Whether it is or not, it did make me think.

Lying on the grass, staring at all the pretty stars at night. I wonder how many stars there are. I wonder how many ants can fit in one car. Do unicorns exist? So many questions on my mind, I should probably write a list. I wonder if dead people can hear us. Will I ever hear them? How many butterflies die each two seconds? Will I ever meet Billy the pink whale? Why does Mama’s face look so pale? Maybe she’s sick, maybe of me? Do cats really get scared? Is Mickey mouse nice in person? I think so…

Will daddy ever come back from his business trip?

I miss Daddy… Daddy is my world.

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