The World by Reem Al Ashaikh

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A rendering heaven created by thy God

A virgin ground with the two cleanest souls

Adam and Eve, they called them,

A land known to only purities miracles magic and peace

The waters sparkled, the animals untouched, wholesomeness embarked the souls

Little did they know it was too soon to prevail…

You did this! It was you! Without you, we were fine!

Spirits, religion, a once forsaken masterpiece

Turned to a hideous pint of waste

Abused, misused and taken for granted

O, but the fine treasures wilted away!

It was you! All your fault!

You say they are hidden knowing they are long gone

You say you are fixing it while purposely contradicting it

It was you! You did this!

Racism, pollution, sexism

The problems you created for a reason to find a defeat

It was you, you did this!

You say you’re against it; what does a sign prove, a t-shirt, a piece of speech

When you walk around prancing, mocking, poising, exploiting, killing

Where is your proof? You feed off these self-derived so-called blasphemies

Then you go on making them someone else’s misfortune

Murderer! You did this!

Endured life with a weight forgotten on your shoulders

How can you take depriving lives away from a right?

A purely beautiful planned massacre

It was you! You did this!

You disgust me… I pity you.

I disgust me… I pity myself

For it was I, I did this.

I turned the world – my world… into what it is today.

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