The World by Wawy

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“It’s time, Laura.” Billy said. He was scared. He was only 8.

“Okay, I’ll bring the box” I told him. I took out a big box from the cupboard and placed it next to Billy on the bed, I reached in and took out a big snow-globe. It had two people lying on a field at night, stargazing. I shook it and tiny gold balls started floating like they were fireflies soaring then falling around the field. “It’s beautiful!”  I commented, as I passed the snow-globe to Billy.

“It is. My friend Lisa got it for me. The boy and girl inside are good friends, just like me and Lisa. They played all day long, so they decided to stargaze at night and then the night turned magical and a hundred fireflies flew above them! It was the best day of their lives.”

Billy gave me the snow-globe back and I took out another. This time it was your everyday snowman snow-globe. Billy took the ball and started talking in a sad tone;

“I bought this one. This snowman looks happy, doesn’t he? But he’s not really happy he’s just smiling because people want him to smile, next day when the sun rises he will be gone.”

“Why did you buy it if it was a sad story?”  I asked. Billy ignored the question and handed me the snow-globe. Personally, I thought that Billy bought it because it described him. That saddened me. I pulled out another snow-globe, it had two people in it; an old couple sitting on a bench in a park; feeding the birds. I shook it and bird seeds flew all over the place inside.

“This was my first,” Billy said. “It was from mom. See those two old people? They’ve been together for 15 years. Like mom and dad. They lived a great life even though their son left them and went away, far away” Billy handed me the snow-globe, I could see in his eyes that he could not bare the thought of leaving his parents.

“Tell me, Billy, if you were in a snow-globe, what would you be doing?”

“It would be one of my perfect days. I can’t think of one, each day has been perfect in its own way. I’d make a whole story! They would be all happy!”

His voice was so weak and he looked so tired. “I’m sure you’ll have the biggest snow-globe store in the whole world one day! But now it’s time to sleep. I think this is enough for one night, you need rest.” I tucked him in and forced myself to go to my room.

Laura wiped away her tears. This was the most emotional book reading she’d been to. She never told anyone what happened next, the horrible truth, that Billy passed away that night from cancer.

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