Who is John?

Posted on September 13, 2011 by


For one of the summer projects, we decided to work on another character.

We’ve all written about John The John. If you remember “Eve“, this piece is going to be sort of a prelude or a part 2 of her story, depending on what each member has decided to write. Instead of focusing on Eve, however, we’ve focused on her john – or her client – and we wrote about him instead. All that you need to know about John to follow his story is that he is:

  • A male.
  • Either 24 or 53 years old. (Each member can pick one)
  • His name is John.
  • He was/is – in the present or in some time of his life – a client of Eve’s. Or he had some sort of sexual interaction with her.

In a little over a week , we will be submitting our John pieces. We’ll keep you updated!


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