John by Nora Alphie

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(In order to understand this piece, you must first read this explanation.)


It was the morning of December 28 John’s 24th birthday.

He woke up to the noise of the alarm, his neighbors’ vacuuming and a honking battle down the street “This can’t be good” He thought.

It was a cold morning. John rushed into the bathroom to take a hot shower, then he pursued his daily routine of getting dressed, find the less stained tie, drink coffee and off to his work.

He worked as a comic strip artist at a news paper company.

Walking into the building to see that his co-workers had brought cake and balloons.

He sat there in utter awkwardness as he waited for the song to end.

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been a jolly good fellow.


It was someone’s birthday every day.

Everything seemed like a chore. The singing, the hugging

The worst 10 min of his day was thankfully over and everything went back to normal.


John never really had friends. Except if you call nagging someone as a friend then that’s Paul. He sat in the cube next to John.

Paul always asks john for supplies, but  today it was special.

He was asking after sucking the helium out of the balloon.

“ Hey, hey Johnny how does feel being 24”

John replayed “the same, paul” without taking his gaze off his art work.

“Hey, Johnny have you heard about the murder victims they found another one yesterday”

“That’s great Paul” still not gazing off his work.

Paul breathed in all the helium out of the balloon “Hey Johnny why are you such a jerk”

“ Stop, please I’m trying to work here.”

“ I’m the only one here who got the balls to talk to the most boring guy in the office”

“That’s fucking great Paul”

“you know what I’m done trying to make an effort talking”

John repeating  “That’s damn fucking great Paul”


The day went by not as fast but not as slow either.

He drew a comic of a cat and a frog in a top hat conversing about the issues of the world.

He couldn’t wait to go back to his little apartment.

He couldn’t wait to see her.


A minute away from his apartment building, he saw her

The girl with flaming red hair and a figure

He remembered the first time he saw her, a month ago.

It was the same time.

And how she caught his eyes. Smiling that sultry smile.


The honking car behind him drifted him away from his day dreams.

Startled he drove by her. *passed by her


Entering his apartment he loosened his tie

Threw the coat at the coat hanger but not quite making it there.

Made himself a cup of ramin noodles


Then he sat in front of the blank portrait

To draw a painting of the girl, probably still standing miles away..

He started with the lips and get that signature smile of hers.

Te second thing was the nose and the little freckles on it

The curls of her red flaming hair, he would draw the curls perfectly

But the eyes wore left blank

He never got too close to see those eyes


John lifts the portrait and left them next to the other pile of portraits and tagged it number 5.


Crashing on the bed he began to think.

Wouldn’t it be wrong if I paid her.

Will I get arrested.

I’ve got nothing to lose.



In a rush of excitement he grabbed his keys and ran to his car downstairs.

Driving fast a few mils away he went to the corner where she always stands.

She wasn’t there.


He stopped there for a moment. Self loathing for never getting here in time.


A woman much older than John with dark hair and dark skin who seemed a little tipsy came by his passenger seat window.

“Hello there pretty boy, I don’t think that you’re parents gave you much money to have a good time”

A little bit confused and nervous he asked “Do you know the lady with the red hair”

The woman laughed as if he’s not the only one who asked. “here you go pretty boy”

It was a card with a phone number on it  and with bright big letters “IF YOU DARE…”

He thanked the dark haired woman and want back to his apartment.


He called the number,  it ringed a few times the she answered “You must be hot if someone gave you my number”

“what” John said in panic.

“Look babe, I’m free tomorrow at 10”

Feeling his hands was starting puspir john quickly said “ok”

“I won’t be cheap”

“That’s fine”

They both paused

“Sooo, where do you want to meet?”

“The red building on Jordan’s street apartment number 13”

“Fine by me, The name is Eve see ya then babe”

She hanged up.

Looking at the phone in shock

“it’s much easier ordering pizza” He thought


 Letting out a heavy breath.

And Feeling happy and productive he went to bed.


DAY  2

John woke up feeling quit differently today.

The things that bothered him every morning didn’t.

The awful coffee that he made everyday tasted different.


Time passed fast at work, but not fast enough, he thought

The comic of the day was a bird on an electrical chord over traffic saying “I can fly, HA!”


John returned to his apartment to freshen up and clean up the place.

It was eight o’clock.

Still two hours to go.

He checked the bathroom, the closet and the smell of the bed.

John felt foolish for doing this, It was unlike him.

He would always settle for the safe route.

John sat on the bed.

Checking the time every few minutes.

He turned on the TV as if he could make the time pass a little fast.

All what was on was the news about a serial killer .

They found the 4th victim

Of the age of 27 Roberto was found, like the other 3 male victims, in a dumpster. Mr. Rodriguez was a pizza delivery guy ”

John turned down the TV and laid back on the bed thinking,

Thinking of Eve and how she would act.

He thought about her name Eve, what a beautiful name.


Two hours passed, lost in his own thoughts, he heard a knock on the door.


He stood up straightened his shirt.

Feeling nervous, he took a deep breath and opened the door.


She was there, in front of him.

Same smile, red hair little freckles on her nose and the eyes, he was close enough to see them.

“They’re green” John said.

“What is?” Eve questioned.

“You’re eyes, they’re green”

“If this the way you flirt, you need some work” Eve replied.


John shook his head as if to stop looking at her.

Eve walked around him “So, you know I’m not cheap right?”

“It’s ok, I know” John gaze followed her as went to check the closet, the bedside table and the bathroom.

“How do you want to do this” Eve said as she was talking off her coat.

Then walked towards him “you don’t have to be nervous”

She took his hands and placed it on her back.


John’s hands pushing her closer to him as he kissed her.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, through his soft  hair.


They stood there for few minutes.

Eve roughly turned him around and pushed him on the bed.

John breathing heavily, his heart beating fast.

Their ribs intertwining with each other like a perfect puzzle piece.

Their bodies moved in harmony.

Kissing his neck.

John could feel her warm breath.


John didn’t like the feeling of being played. Being controlled

It all felt like a play, and he was just an extra.


This was just a scene.


John raised his hand to touch Eve’s hair

His fingers running through

Holding her head

And with a quick move it all ends. Crack


The phone ranged, once, twice, three times before the answering machine got it

“Mr. John Pierce This Doctor’s Humphrey office at the psychiatric hospital to remind you that you’re monthly prescription is filled and ready to be picked up by tomorrow morning, sorry for the late call.” BEEP

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