John by Reem Al Ashaikh

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(In order to understand this piece, you must first read this explanation.)

Born into a world of indulgence

Innocent souls trained for lenience

We are told it is our right not our privilege

To apologize be destined for perseverance

Little did we know it was all a lie

Not our haven, sanctuary, but an opposite lullaby

Corruption, unfairness, rape sung the fates sang all stirred

A rocky path ahead, to the johns which seemed absurd

We all at one point will be johns

A childhood, innocence, adolescence foregone

At twenty four ticks the clock

Awaiting an o so sweet experience knock, knock

It is a moment we all wait ponder upon

Expecting it to be by choice a newly chosen dawn

The climax of our so called gratification

Eve an unexpected companion of our soon to be proclamation

Hoping creatures will be so benign

Awaiting the sweet angel all Johns will call mine

O beware stupid child looks can be deceiving

For two separate Eve’s will be mischieving

A one awaiting you to do with her what you will

A never ending sacrifice and thrill

In which a man will be born

Awaiting to conquer thy worlds a newly John to form

Another tending to grasp you by surprise

Forced submission into you

Burying what’s left of your virtue

Beautifully constructed predator

Conspiracy formed to lure

Slowly rupturing what’s left of the johns to endure

Eve our all infernally cursed so called heaven

Pass our lives unseen

For now remain a desire to help clench our John’s thirst

We simply await the moment you be our first

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