Glass by Latifah Al Jasser

Posted on November 15, 2011 by


My impression was, he’s walking as though he’s made of glass, and if you should touch him he would just shatter apart I don’t know if it was an act or what, but it sure was effective. I don’t know if it was his glassy expression, that reminded me of the glass’ smooth surface. It probably was the crystal clear transparancy that his eyes had, how they reflected and mirrored my face; just like glass. The gaze he sent my way cut through me like the glass’ sharp edges. Deep voice that spoke words like glass obscure if they do not aid vision. He was embracing me with arms as stiff as a statue, yet as fargile as glass. He looked at life from every dark angle he could find; to him the glass was always half empty, and cracked. And he just cut his lip on it. He, the most beautiful creature any eyes has ever looked at. The most fargile yet stiff creature any skin has ever touched. The deepest yet softest voice any ear has ever heard. The most transparent gaze that transmitted the darkest thoughts about the future. Questions surfed my mind about him. Would my skin get cut deeper if I touch him? Would my fingers caress his face that has that frictionless expression without trembling? Would it shatter him to pieces if I loved him? Glass, a simple yet powerful word that has never failed to amaze me. A plain yet breathtaking object that has never failed to blow me away. A man that has left me to my speechlessness.

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