Glass by Najood Al Terkawi

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I am made of glass


Every now and then, two unlikely things collaborate to create a work of art. Sand and heat: two elements of the earth, mesh together and a new entity is born; glass. This sheer body can be broken, shattered, carved, or framed. It can be manipulated into any shape or form and has its own music when it is destroyed.


Like a fragment broken from a champagne glass, he is now nothing more than a figment of my imagination.  The boy who turned me to glass has a heart of stone. Though we fell apart and the worlds which we live in did not love what we loved and did not feel what we felt, our encounter was as powerful as two forces of nature meshing together. We were like sand and heat; infinite, glorious, & untouchable, when we were attached.


I used to be made of rare joy. The stars from the heavens used to be my closest friends. Light used to pass through me and turn to rainbows, but he’s cracked me. He pulled me closer and then pushed me away. When we were good, we were brilliant. When we were bad, we clashed like shot glasses being thrown against a brick wall, rupturing upon impact and spilling out absinthe. He tried to say things he couldn’t undo. And as I watched him walk away and tell me he met another love, the late-night wine and mascara stained face turned into a routine.


My memory allows me to relive some of the meetings we had back in September, but all I am able to recall is the fact that he tasted of cigarettes. His face, however, is as permanent in my memory as a tattoo is on a wrist. His voice still echoes through my head like the sound of glass pieces being swept up.


I am made of glass.

I am breakable but not meant to be broken.

I can be as clear as rain or as frosty as a snowflake….

I am no longer perfect. I am now broken glass in a puddle of deep red wine. I glitter at night and my heart bleeds the remains of my memory.

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