Glass by Maha Al Mazrou

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We grow up in a world that has a tendency to stomp out every hint of individuality in its inhabitants, turning them into brainless androids that are oblivious to everything around them as they become immersed more and more into the growing world state. This harum-scarum world is where common sense has yet to be defined, where hard work is not enough to keep your head above water, where falsehood is taken as truth and true reality is neglected, where experience is derided and devalued, where logic is defied and evidence is denied, where we are taught to delve into self-detestation about our minor imperfections, where we are lulled into a false sense of security about the coming age, where we are blinded to the future, where we are brainwashed into believing that war is peace and peace is only obtained by war, where ignorance is always bliss, where people who do not fit in the mold are bullied and treated like outcasts to such extremes that suicide seems to be the only solution, where law is made by very mortal limited and opinionated people who have special interests and then act like if it was Holy Writ, where religions are abused by some power-and money-hungry corrupt people, where sexism is still rampant, where the endemic issue of  racism is legalized by law, where patriarchy rules supreme , where taboos and social norms are still prevalent, where ableism is increasingly pervasive, where true love is an empty myth, where peace is elusive and seems like a fictional concept, where freedom seems to be so far and so vague to be achieved, where people who stand up for human rights mysteriously disappear, where man plays God, and forgot the virtue of courtesy.

Luckily, the human mind is so powerful and wonderful that it is capable of drifting us off to a little escape route called ‘imagination’ that is the best destination for an anguished soul like mine. In my imaginary world, I see the world through a kaleidoscope, lots of colors all swirling together creating an often baffling but nonetheless beautiful collage. I see a truly heaven-on-earth wonderland that when translated and brought over to our dreary world appears distorted, twisted, haunting, hard to fathom and impossible to achieve. It is a kaleidoscopic realm where everything seems more real than reality. It is a spectacular make-believe world where I am protected but ‘trapped’ in a breath-taking snow globe.

The glass walls of this snow globe are proof against terrorism, war, hunger, poverty, famines,  abuse, destruction, epidemics, uncertainty, madness, homelessness, loneliness  diseases,  corruption, genocide, suicide, slavery, injustice, human abduction, oppression, greed and envy. It is a world where people of all colors and races live as one, no horizons, no boundaries, where everyone walks together freely and safely since weapons are spurned, where everyone respects and lives in peace, where everyone speaks, and everyone listens, where everyone cares and looks out for each other, where no one feels stranded and alone, where everyone allows and forgives, enjoys and evolves, discerns and inquires, accepts and admits, divulges and opens, reaches out and speaks up, shares and listens, supports and welcomes, where everyone is more understanding, respectful, and humanitarian, where everyone breathes and is charmed and amused by differences, where everyone is gentle and makes room for every emotion, where everyone provides forums, where everyone feels seen, heard and cared for, where everyone rises post-obstacle more defined and more grateful, where everyone is humbled  and unstoppable. Where everyone releases, disarms, stands up and feels safe.

A world where life is understood lyrically and musically, where hands held in unity, where ideas are heard, supported, questioned, tested and honed, where wisdom is shared. It is a world that triggers the wonder of the five-year-old in all of us when something wonderful and awe-inspiring presents itself for the first time, and leaves our eyes huge with amazement, mouths wide open. A world where our minds are swirling thought clouds.  And every time I get back to this tedious world, I feel compelled to put my imaginary world down on paper and stand on a sandy shore to cast my glass message-in-a-bottle into a heedless sea, believing beyond hope that someday my Utopia will be more real than just a dream.

Utopia is not about perfection, but a constant strive for betterment in all areas of our lives, because we want better lives. We want great lives. It is a belief worth fighting for; otherwise, it would be useless as a dream left unanswered, a sculpture buried in the dirt, an epic book unread, or a painting unseen.

Remember, whatever you wish for in your heart is exactly what is worth fighting for. Go about doing it; make it real not just a dream.

Life is the real adventure, mine is just on hold at the moment.

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