Glass by Reem AlShaikh

Posted on November 28, 2011 by


Tears rolling down forever

Fall to catch your desperation

Let it out

Do it all

So when you fall

Nothing seems so sweet

Its hard, bitter, better,

Stone cold defeat

And at the bottom of it all say you’re no fool, but a hero

Plunking the hair at the back of necks

Sending chills down spines

Having thunder crashes echo through

Annunciating your shatter, rupture, fracture

With no masquerade upon the truth

“I am broken “is chanted with no shame

Dying upon what you stand for

Not a state but a primitive

Litheness is not upon the nature only reincarnation for the better

If only the bloodbath we call our world had people with such morality of such a dead inanimate object

Reflecting what it sees clearly, with honor, no fear

Representing where it’s from whether a paradise or hell it stands conceitedly and proudly

I want to be glass.

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