Turning Point by AlJoharah AlRumayyan

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This is the tale of Alice and oh no,

this is not the one that’s usually told.

Listen close, if you feel like it, of course.


In a land so far away, in a time so ancient.

Few have heard her story, few have listened

To her cries, Little alice in search of her wonderland.


Alone always, abandoned and fragile.

Her only friend was her demon, it was sad.

Her  worst enemy he was, banning her from her neverland.


Madder than the hater, she was.

Forced to deal with her voices, too young.

Too young she was, filled with shame and sorrow ruled her life.


Sick of her memories, she begged to forget.

Cried for an angel, a savior who never seemed to care.

She sat there, holding on to her last bit of hope. She still wished.


A little white creature hopped in front of her.

In hurry, he jogged and she chased after him.

Led her to a wonderful place, the little creature was magical.


He opened her eyes and muted her demon.

showed her life’s true colors and taught her of its goodness

He spoke of hope, gave her faith, showed her happiness, planted life in her again.


Little Alice, still saddened by her shame.

But she learned how to be free, how to love life again.

Forever thankful, she will be. For her angel, her magical white creature.

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