Turning Point by Athoug AlSoughayer

Posted on December 25, 2011 by


I’m faced with a difficult decision to make.

That’s causing me a head ache.

A decision that some might call it life changing.

But I see it as unchanging.

They never teach you these sort of things in school.

But they do teach you grammatical rules.

Math, literature, science

How can you be of Reliance?

How can you help me with Life decisions?

Man this is giving me a serious thought collision.

Should I make a list of pros, and cons? Or just keep going on?

Should I go by the cliche “Follow your heart”

But isn’t that a complex body part?

How am I supposed to chose, If all I do is oppose.

Trying to make a decision, Is harder than long division.

Flipping a coin is the best form of enjoin.

Heads, right.

Tails, left.

The coin choses my turning point to be Right.

Isn’t that just a beam of light.

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