GUEST POST: Turning Point by Noorah AlHasan

Posted on December 25, 2011 by


It was a time filled with questions

that echoed no answers back

tried to reason with a world

that functions without reason


Mesmerized by the chaos

I push through time hoping

to reach some form of clarity

regardless of the means


I thought by blending in

life will be complete

I thought by fitting in

the agony will cease


It was a time where

I was trapped within myself

I couldn’t stand myself

I couldn’t be myself


Slowly but surely

I was engulfed with apathy

acting as the rational observer

yearning to understand and be reciprocated


Lonely among the many

I drudged through the days

wondering when it would all stop

and I could start anew


It was a time filled with despair

that ate away at my soul

I was left with nothing to feel

and nothing is what saved me from my fall


Little by little from nothingness I see

how the paradox of life

moves us forward

and lifts us from our sleep


It would take us to places

we would never dream

think in dimensions

we could never see


It was a time filled with open eyes

eager for me to breathe

in the beautiful and the ugly

and the all-in-between


Looking for lives to meet

for stories to hear

for moments to share

and for tales to keep


It was a time to be alright

with whatever is in reach

a place to feel safe

with the person I could be

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