Turning Point by Nora Alphie

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Your tough upbringing does not justify your actions or disrespect towards me.

I am not to blame.

You look at me with pity, your words are spitting out mockery.

I’m saddened by what you believe.

I tried to believe what you believe.

But I’m not you, I will never be you, I don’t want to be you.

You’re blinded by the truths behind my wall of lies.

you’re weak and you need someone to control.

I’m merely your living breathing  journal, I’m leaving you in despair.

If you were mine your papers will easily turn to ashes.

You are ignorant and unaware.

You are not to blame.

You had your fair share of tragedies.

I will spend my lifetime not telling you what I am.

Your expectations, I won’t live up to.

I am what you don’t want me to be.

I’m protecting you from my mistakes.

I’m an imposter and time is my enemy, as someday all of me will unfold.

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