Turning Point by Maha Al Mazrou

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Life is nothing but a chance to make the most of glorious moments. A chance to live, learn and understand. A chance to share, build and create. It is an adventure to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were here and that you had weight in this world.

The world is a mind-boggling place. In one place a man dies, in another an infant is born. In one place there is a hurricane, in another there is a clear sky. In one place it is shivery cold, in another it’s blazing hot. And in the noise of this world, where so many things happen in a matter of microseconds, some spoken words freeze and remembered forever, while others vanish without trace as if they were never uttered, some actions are revered and paraded, while others are ignored, disrespected, loathed and shot down. And as life goes on, all we are about is the next step ahead, the next minute, the next day. Let’s cease for a moment and reflect on where we’ve come from, and how we got to where we are, and above all, where we are and where we are heading. Discern that each footstep left behind was a destiny attained; each footstep left behind was a stepping stone to what we’re standing on at this very moment. Sometimes life leads us to a road where there are no crossroads in sight to detour from the past or to the future, no signs to expect the hard curves, no lines to guide us, no boarders to focus on or avoid, turning points or dead ends are all there is. These turning points are like switches that guide us to a certain future rather than another. We sometimes look back at those moments in our lives and speculate what would have happened if we had opted the other path, but that is rather pointless because it is simply impossible to go back and change things. Turning points can be cryptic for when we are smack in the middle of it, we don’t have a clue what’s the best direction to take, and that is all a part of the process of growing, learning, developing, and continuing on this so-called journey called life.


In the course of life, we learn there is nothing more powerful than the power of thought. We learn that self-belief develops a greater sense of personal power and groundedness, while self-centeredness and selfishness pulls us down. We learn that discipline silences the deafening roar of the mind. We learn the blessing of beating the drum for our small victories while obtaining strength, tenacity, confidence and true self-knowledge on the wrecking road that has become our launching platform. We learn the maneuvers to double-cross our loss and pain. And through all of them we begin to understand the ways of the world and our place in it, and in the quite times, only our philosophies speak out, and in moments of need and furious moments, we can draw on them and find unwavering power.  We effortlessly become both a poet and a fighter in the same breath. A fighter, steadfast and relentless in his quest for achievement, and a poet, whose poems stir people’s hearts and souls and leave them with an ultimate sense of humanity for seeking a connection between our memories, thoughts, feelings, sensory experiences and reality. A fighter poet, immensely powerful in the mind, spirit and body.

Since we live in the age of money-making by hook or by crook, frantic consumer sovereignty, cultural duress, theatrical shallowness, anomie and disorientation, the scope for heroism and ethics becomes very limited. It’s funny how the word ‘heroism’ calls to mind a world of fantasies. It is funny how setting a good example by acting in accordance with high moral values is only found in comic books and bedtime stories.


We are all visitors on this planet, we all pass with time. There is no shame in growing old, and there is no escape from death. We will live our lives to the fullest, knowing full well that one day we will be appreciating each breath we took, taking note of everything we have left undone; hoping for more time in life, for no love is sweeter than love of life. Great people of all times and climes come, set standards, push back the boundaries, inspire us, and then one day, they pass out. Dead? Yes. Forgotten? Hopefully not. They engrave their names on the walls of history in the face of tragedy. They are the proof that everything and anything is achievable and workable through determination, dedication, ethics, integrity, and hard work.


The unnoticed daily mishaps, routine, and adventures shape who we are and cultivate both our natural abilities and moral virtues. It is believed that our lives are a chain of turning points that are remembered and reflected upon the most, and we are molded by the experiences and tuning points that life throws us at. Turning points are never the same; some can be major and turns people’s world upside down in a heartbeat, while others can be minor and ultimately give people a more open outlook on life as a look back.


Those turning points, minor or major, pass us by in a blur. We can’t help but feel those moments slipping away from us in one way or another. But then again, they’re not entirely out of reach; they’re a reminder of who we were and what we’ve become. A bridge from the past to the present and from the present to the future. As humans, we are constantly changing, evolving and trying to better ourselves, but since we live in the age of fakery and mediocrity, originality and uniqueness are met with ridicule and opposition. The authentic individuals stray away from the mainstream to a lonesome yet cathartic road that leads them to a gratifying solitude.


It is up to us to stop and leave behind the noise and clutter in our minds that’s keeping us from hearing the still small voice in our mind. It is our decision whether we want to be like most people who are baffled worrying and wondering about meaningless things in the grand scheme of life or not.


Life is overflowing with blissful and bitter times. It’s full of friends who turn out to be haters, and enemies who turn out to be our saviors; it’s full of people who gratify our wishes, and others who shiver with pleasure at our misery. It’s impossible to expect what’s waiting for us around the corner. Dealing with the unknown makes us equally aware of difficulties and help us appreciate the good things for how truly rare they are. And in order to solve the mystery of this life, we have to face the uncertainty with a heart of a knight, a mind of a scientist and wisdom of a philosopher, keeping in mind that the sinew of wisdom can only be achieved when education is desired.

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