Turnning Point by Yara Al Howar

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Take me by the hand, like you used to.

look at me once more.. don’t turn around.

Smile at me and tell me everything will be okay.

Tell me you still dream about me every single day.

Tell me it won’t be as bad I think it would, tell me you’ll always be there.

I need you to tell me you love me, that things will never change.

I need you to lie to me. Come on we both know nothing stays the same.

I need to let go of the glimpse of hope I have of gaining that simple, clear perception I had of

myself.. of my life even. My life has now gone from this innocent simple portrait, to this ugly

tragedy.. a picture no one would ever understand. Not even the best of artists. I try to draw this

perfect picture, this colorful portrait I would  call my life, but I always remind myself it’s

plastic. It’s fake. I comfort myself with the idea that all of this will be gone one day, all of those

people.. gone. Now, I cry.. not because of pain but because of my great fear towards the

unknown. Can’t you take me to this place I use to know so well.. when people were people.. and

I was always myself? People are brutal creatures around here. Would you take me with you?

Back to that place I called home. I feel like a complete stranger, a body with no soul.. take me to

where I once belonged. Now I know your departure was the start turning point.

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