Letter by Maha Al Mazrou

Posted on March 12, 2012 by


My dearest universe,

Thank you for your divine vastness

The beauty of your boundless stars of all ages

Can’t be described on mere pages

The splendor of your morning’s golden light

Portrays the most breath-taking sight

The mystical constellations that illuminate your night sky

Make it impossible to bid a goodbye

And instead, orchestrate the most melodious lullaby

Every time your planets start bragging their luster

And your specks of dust begin to cluster

Hues of rainbow colors become ready to mingle

Consummating a majestic spectacle that our bodies start to tingle

It is astute to capture the celestial sky forever

And use it as an umbrella for the rainiest weather

If only you could enable us to rewrite our books

And rewind all the clocks

And join a better race

And dwell in a more welcome place

If only you could cast out all the chauvinists and louts

Who struggle to bombard us with sexist misinformation and doubts

And make every flimsy and transparent excuse under the sun

To make us give up before we have even begun

If only you could pen us a life-lesson letters before birth

To help us unravel the myth of earth

And to continue to live our lives in peace, and pray that all our blessings gracefully increase.

If only you could make it easy to walk in others’ shoe

To stop blaming them for things they couldn’t do

If only offense-committers

Always ended up in the hands of stoppers

Then they would certainly avoid doing the wrong

And forget getting away with it by landing in Paris or Hong Kong

If only people could use their common sense

All the madness and ignorance would be no relevance

And our trip would be merry and long

And we would start every morning by singing a mellow joy song


A speck of dust, living in a pale blue dot.

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