Letter by Nouf Al Nafisee

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Dear June,


To them, to all of them, we fit as perfectly as an Herve Leger bandage dress. It pulls, tucks, and conceals all imperfections. But strip that dress off. Let the rolls of fat drop. Let the weight pull you down. Count the flaws. This is us.


This is the friendship that I bore on my shoulders for what seemed like forever. It’s the same one that you fed Krispy Kreme doughnuts to make it heavier for me to support. It doesn’t matter if public thinks that you are the bread to my butter. How is it possible that I just realized that we have absolutely nothing in common? My thoughts would go deeper than the deepest ocean, when you would not dare submerge your head in chlorine-filled water from the shallow side of a swimming pool.


I look back at the past few months and realize that I have been giving the performance of a lifetime. I could have won an Oscar for my work! This “friendship” of ours has turned out to be one of the most artificial situations I have ever been a part of. Everything felt like a chocolate commercial. “Take a bite if this sugary product, close your eyes, and happiness will wash over you! Then, a handsome man will walk through the door and fall in love with you!” It was not logical. What we were dealing with was utterly fake.


For a while I idolized you, but then your flaws seemed to slap me across the face one by one. What struck me the most was that you never appreciated honesty. You wanted undeserved praise. I was incapable of bestowing you the compliments you implore, for I am not your slave.


The main reason we can never be as close as we used to is that you fail to recognize an individual’s respect and dignity. Human beings will never be at your disposal; tissue papers were created for that purpose.

Without an ounce of regret,

Someone that was good for you

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