Letter by AlJohara Al Rumayyan

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Dear Universe;


I write you this in a form of an apology, I hope you get it. I am incredibly sorry. I write you this on behalf of my people, we are your children and we have done you wrong. We have caused you nothing but pain, we have disturbed your peace and though I know that it is not possible for sound to travel through space, yet we somehow managed to get our noises to echo.


We are the arrogant ignorants, we claim we know everything about this world. We think we are superior, we say we always know better. We say we need no help and we think we own this place, never thinking about who we might be harming. It’s all about us, we are the selfish race.


I am sorry, my dearest Universe, we always blame our sorrows on you, calling you cruel, when we really have no right to do so. You gave us a place inside of you, you have carried us for centuries. Just like a mother keeping her child safe inside her womb, you’ve tried to help us and just like most of those kids, we are ungrateful.


See, when we were first created it had been said that the angels were weeping, not for us but for the land which we were placed upon. They feared for the land and to be quite frank, I do not blame them. We were placed upon a heaven though with our actions we’ve managed to turn this magical land into hell.


And as I gaze upon your stars at night I can’t help but wonder; those creatures out there, do they despise us? Do they laugh at our ignorance? Do they sigh, do they weep, whenever they take a look at what have become of us?


I wouldn’t blame you, Universe, if you gave up on us. I, too, can hardly see any hope in us anymore. We have grown to be these little monsters, they say we, as humans, should be passionate. They say we should be loving, we should be caring, but I look around and I can hardly believe they meant us.


But then I look around, again and I find the tiniest glimpse of hope and I try to hold on to that. I pray you can see it, as well. Through all the wars, the fights, underneath all the hate, behind all the frowns I can assure you we are still in touch with our humanity. We are beasts, yes, we are monsters. We kill for profits, we murder for fun, but there are still those of us who are pure, those who are innocent.


And with that, allow me to end this apology with a promise. I promise you, my dearest Universe, I promise you this; I promise you that one day our cries will be turned into laughter, that one day we will no longer disturb your peace, that one day we will be part of that magical, peaceful community you’ve worked so hard on creating. I promise you that the day will come when the waves that’ll somehow echo through your space will be none but those of cheers and songs about not how much we long for peace, but how much we love it now that we have it.


I know my words may not mean much to you, for I am nothing but a sixteen year old girl who spends her free time searching through books trying to figure out your secrets, but I do hope you get this and I do hope you know how much I mean it.




Your little child.

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