Letter by Meshael Al Blehed

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Dear you,

Dear you and dear me. I love our dynamic; it works perfectly for us.

Pacifist that I am and storm that you are, polar opposites cut from cloth and steel.

The jaded fuck that I am and the hopeful sun that you are. Hopeful, you keep restoring my faith.

The reclusively temperamental weirdo that I am and the deliberately outspoken firecracker that you are. Driven, you bring out everything in me. All the charm they see in me, I owe to you for digging deep in the trenches and finding it.

The heavily guarded tower that I am and the willful bulldozer that you are. I’d rhapsodize your existence to a fault.


I don’t simply “love” you. It doesn’t come as a surprise that we’ve never said that unless under the heavy influence of sedatives. I believe we’ve transcended all that friendship bullshit. We’re more, we’re less. We’re everything that’s not like them.


I love us because we’re different. I love us because we’re real. Playing cards, we both laid our faults at the table only to see that it was a draw. We’re both fucked up. Damaged and defected yet both refusing to go back to the factory.

We never pretended, you were the first person who upon exercising my usual song and dance of grand disinterest saw right through it. You took all my bullshit, gathered it up and hurled it back at me. Never have you failed at pointing out my shortcomings. And never have you failed at understanding them. With every fault I shove down your nose, you’ve never asked me to change. And you’ve never fell short of supporting me when I told you that I would.


You’re the cold water for my complacency, the fuel to my motivation, the cure to my cancer and the straitjacket to my neuroses.

You might be day and I might be night, but we keep the world going.


I can go without you for days only because I know you’re my constant. You’re my rock, a shimmering glittery one but a rock nonetheless. Unmoving and looming over every threat that presents itself with a wrath and fury no one has ever witnessed. You are too good to me.

You are too good for anyone. And I know it’s a cause of wonder for you, but why would you expect otherwise?

Make no mistake your staggering brilliance will never see the light of day with the measly words I use to extol every aspect of you.


I also know you’re not one for cheesy endings, but when did I ever listen?

I love you.




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