Letter by Nora Alphie

Posted on March 13, 2012 by


To you and the time that may or may not come,

My life is short.

What you have brought me now is what I wish for and more.

I despise the day you take it all away.

When my happiness collides with others fear of what I may become. Of what I already am.

The time when I have to be demolished, forgotten and worthless.

I’m hopeless for the future.

Destiny is a scam I once believed in.

I left my destiny in your invisible hand.

I have wasted my time with knees on the ground bruised, scratched and bleeding.

Repeating those words, hoping for forgiveness.

I’m unworthy of your unspoken words.

I might be corrupt in your eyes but I love it.

Yours Unfaithfully.

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