Letter by Norah Al Rohaimi

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Dear Father,

I remember the day you told me that I will be attending high school. I was beyond excited because I’ve never been to a proper school before due to our constant moving around. However high school wasn’t as glamorous as I imagined, my first day there was unbearable. The teenagers would give me dirty looks like I’ve committed a crime against them. I literally felt like a piece of meat in the middle of a lion’s cage. But those dirty look were nothing compared to what the school’s meanest girls did to me at lunch. During lunch they came up to me and asked if I wanted to join them being the naïve girl I was I said “Ok”, little did I know my life would come crashing down then. Weeks passed since my lunch “accident” and things just got worse, people would call me names and bully me around. Lucky me though I found emotional relief online through a friend who was nice and cared about me. I’d tell everything that I felt along with my day events. She was my rock in an unstable world , the only one who understood me. Oh how I was wrong about her because the minute I opened up a little more to her my life literally ended. I sent her a picture of myself , an embarrassing one, due to the fact I felt obligated to share my pictures with her like she did with me. The next day I went to school to see that same picture filling the hallways and people’s rude comments at every corner. As I walked down the hallways I ignored the comments to my capacity. The mean girls walked up to me , threw the chats between me and my friend saying it was them all along. Those words were bullets aiming to my heart, they finished me off. Soon after those words were spoken I got up and ran all the way home with a waterfall streaming down my face. The minute I stepped foot home I took a handful of sleeping pills which are starting to take effect , allowing my mind to slowly slip away. I write this letter to explain my story and say one final good-bye.

Farewell Forever

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