Coffee by Nabeela Afifi

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I reflexively and swiftly reach for my threadbare jean pocket.
Three dollars and fifty cents just bought me a ticket for an insomniac night.

I found myself dissolving in the midst of the disseminated stars
while I sip on my lukewarm caffeine
I gaze above,
and I think of the rotating and the revolving
of helium and hydrogen colliding.
Of solar flares reaching our barest tips.

In this lonely night,
my heart rate quickens
my hands begin to tremble
I look up and I begin to whisper

In this lonely night,
I am accompanied by the watchful eyes of you above.
By the twinkling light cast upon the spirited sea.
By the swooshing of the wind and the booming roar of the sea.
You would think on a day like this I am a smile
with you all
my eyes still droop ready for my timed tears
with a hunched back carrying my indomitable fears
with you all
I still think about the hereafter
of sandpits and tombstones
of black dresses and screeching yells
your twinkling eyes remind me of so many things.
Of kids running away from fired pistols
and of homes shattered and blood splattered
of collateral damage
it reminds me of soft wrinkled hands working their way around the needle
while the sound of faraway bombs drop over our olive trees.
Your twinkling eyes flood my mind.
It starts of with one simple question and a million intricate answers
brew me 50 cups of coffee and I’ll still be lost
sorting the unsorted
answering the unanswered
50 cups of coffee wont ease the rapid flow of blood to my heart
or the dilation of my eyes
50 cups of coffee will always keep me up at night
staring at the stars
that one day it’ll frolic down to me
and whisper the words I’ve been dying to hear
never give up
never give in

As the smell of dawn creeps in,
the rush of blood slows down.
The sound of my heart is muffled by the new day wind
my caffeinated neurons begin to settle down.
As the smell of dawn caves in,
I fumble to my bed and I look up with longing eyes for one last glance
Farwell  my savior,
my anchor,
my only twinkling hope.

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