Coffee by Norah Al-Rohaimi

Posted on April 23, 2012 by


It all started with a single sip on that hateful afternoon day. A sip that according to my friend wasn’t suppose to hurt anyone, however it led to so much more. Before I knew it, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t imagine my day without my liquid drug. I couldn’t imagine the endless hours without it; I have reached to an extent that I’m unable to go more than 3 hours without it. A simple liquid that I’ve become so addicted to it that there is no cure for my struggle. My day has to start with my liquid drug in its most complex forms, pure black. As the black substance slowly goes down my throat I can feel its effect, my body is getting warmer as energy is rushing through me at the speed of light. As my day passes on it reaches the peak of noon with the burning hot sun looking down at me, my mind has already started hallucinating due to the fact it’s been about 2 hours since I’ve lasted had coffee. My mood is shifting while my energy level is going down. These side effects show it is time to have another dosage of my drug, coffee. But this time it’s getting served cold to fight the blazing sun, the first few sips I take of my cold coffee spend me flying to the skies and back. My day continues with this routine every 2-3 hours I’d have another dosage of coffee until night falls and it is time to fall asleep. The last thing I do before shutting down is drinking a cup of coffee, just coffee nothing more, nothing less. This helps me remember although I’m struggling with a complied addiction simple stuff in life still exist.


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