Coffee by Rania Ghazal

Posted on April 23, 2012 by


I was sitting on the sand, listening to the waves brushing the shoreline. It was midnight and the stars looked so clear and sublime. I could not help but feel his absence all around me. I could not help but recall the days we spent in this exact place, reading poetry and gazing at the sky.



I sipped some coffee as the memories began rushing back. I stopped for a moment and stared inside the cup. I stared and realized that no matter how dark or bitter coffee is, I still enjoy it more than anything else, just like him. No matter how dark the days we went through were, it did not make me love him any less. No matter how bitter we were to each other sometimes, we always found the sugar to make it sweeter. I felt a tear stream down my cheek as I put the cup down. I would have done anything to drink one more cup with him. One more look into his eyes that would give me butterflies. One more touch that would feel like caffeine flowing in my blood.I would have done anything to hear my name coming out of his lips. But all saw was darkness, and all I felt was emptiness.



He was the caffeine to my life. I was addicted to him. His smell. his smile. his laugh. his voice. I could not imagine going through a day without him, but now I was forced to.I could not imagine a world without him in it, but now I had to believe it. He is gone, and he is not coming back. He left, and so did I. I gave him everything I had. Everything I was. I gave him my heart. He was wind and he blew my heart away.

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