Coffee by Nouf Al Nafisee

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The elevator door opened as she strutted out in all her glory and shame. The strappy heals that were flung across the room the night before were barely clinging on to her feet. Huge Victoria Beckham-like sunglasses were perched on her perfectly altered nose, hiding the puffy eyes and the smudged mascara.


She walked out of the building that she didn’t live in.  It was far too early. The street lights were still on. She had broken her own record! Sleepy eyes that were protected by those huge dark lenses inspected the early morning pedestrians. Almost everyone that passed by was striding the walk of shame. She mentally slapped herself momentarily judging them, for she was now one of them.


Her Louboutins stepped into the little coffee shop that greeted her every morning with the strong scent of caffeine.  “The usual”, she ordered.  The skinny guy in the apron looked at her blankly and spoke very slowly.

“Which is…?”

Only then did she realize that he couldn’t possibly know the usual because he wasn’t the usual cashier.  “Oh, um, a skinny latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon.”  This little country girl has come a long way from those jean overalls/hot coco days. She was now living a lifestyle only the luckiest of them all could live. She was living the fast-pace, glamour-filled, sugar and money coated life. Was there a cavity? Yes. What did she fill it with? Money and lattes, lots of both. Wealth and caffeine are pretty and fluffy like a big old marshmallow, but they lack stability. She wasn’t lacking people in her life. In fact, she saw too many of those each day. What was missing was people who cared.


Damn it!  Well there goes thousands of dollars worth of red-soled shoes. At least these are replaceable.


Glancing at her smart phone that has been acting quite stupid lately, she realized that she had a meeting in ten minutes. She looked like a rich hobo and had a nasty case of coffee breath. “To hell with it!”, she thought. “I asked for this ‘latte lifestyle’, so I can’t complain now”. She bought a brand new pair of Louboutins and a pack of gum, then strutted off to her meeting.

Coffee and people are quite alike; we never know how stronger are until we’re put in hot water.

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