GUEST PIECE: Coffee by Mimi

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I remember when we laid in bed
You wore nothing but your skin,
And the blanket I slid on you.
You said you’d rather wear nothing but me, all day
Feel nothing but the tips of my fingers
On every inch of your body.
I said I’d always love you, you said you would too
Until the sun creeps up, and you’d have to stop.
And we’d stay up all night, telling the world we slept
Drunk with love
We kinda were, it was like a fable we dreamt…
Till dawn strikes, and you put those beautiful hands over my cheeks
You’d kiss my eyes, and you’d tell me its time
And I knew what you meant,
It’s time to play the roles we played only,
In the cold hard light of day.
And I’d get dressed, it was torture when I’d rather be next to you
I’d hold your hand, kiss it a thousand times
Remind you you’re my only heaven,
And walk seven blocks for your favorite cup of coffee ..
I’d hear everyone say good morning,
When I’d rather hear a goodnight
Because the night was different to me,
Your coffee meant the start of our lies…
The love in disguise
And as soon as we’d see the sun
You’d push me out your heart through ice-cold veins
And I’d pretend I did the same.
Truth be told
I’d never walk that far for
Anyone’s favorite cup of coffee.

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