Conspiracy by Naif Al Tuwaijri

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Conspiracy, life’s supremacy. Infinity, held divinity.


The eye that looks deep within your soul, that leeches upon your every hope. An idea once implanted, now given form.


It clings to insecurities that you dare not show. The screen fed it & made it grow.


You give in; resistances dropped, now you tell yourself: “Let’s just enjoy the show.”


A victim of Supremacy, yet you dare not talk. The dormant potential, suppressed and raped because your fears won’t fade.


As lifeless puppets, they choose your role. From behind the scenes, they stage the show.


Freedom, nothing but a word that bears no fruit. World Justice; corruption, that justifies the flow of blood.


They distract us, as they fight for the blackened blood. They shift your perception; luxury spoils the heart.


All these deaths for the gain of a selected few, that sit comfortably watching while the turmoil grows.


It spirals into a tornado that rages forth. The despair known as Supremacy denies our growth.


– – –


The edges of hatred etch a frozen eternity. The space it inhabits – forced in entirety.


The world you conceived; a dream on the seat of Kings. The despotic reality hindered your zeal, as it grabs you by the knees.


Break free of the controlled totality – end your tears and all your burlesqued sneers. See beyond the deceptive facades and cast away your fears.


Embrace a brave new reality without the shackles of the Beast. Uttering like a fool, lost between all the possibilities that you procured


Know that Chaos is the rule; Chaos is the cure.

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