Conspiracy by Abdulaziz Al Yemni

Posted on May 30, 2012 by


I, one of the many citizens of the current world, have asked questions that were too uninspiring to be asked; why has the world lost its sweet flavor? And the bitter taste never left? Why are the sweat drops that we suffer to make fall into other men’s pockets?

The thoughts we proudly claim are only meant to be thought, the tears that we shed fall into the never ending river of sadness, every time I look into a pure soul I find the same black dots that tarnish their beauty.

Yes, we have been alienated; we are now the property of the strongest, we have lost every single characteristic that define us as human beings. We might as well strongly oppose to the idea but let’s face it, we are now pieces of a puzzle, and when our roles end, we get nuclear bombs flying towards us.

I, one of the many citizens of the current world, am full of laughter for our sad misfortune.

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