Conspiracy by Ibrahim Al-Dabbagh

Posted on May 30, 2012 by


Conspiracy, a violation of faith. A betrayal of trust.


Diabolical plans formulated by conscience-less individuals. Disrupting order, raping the system. An identification of the elites, blaming them for global cataclysms.


But I digress, is it such due to its opposition to morality? What is morality? Conformity to a conventional system of pillars?


It is but an illusion, a thoroughly vulgar misconception with nothing to denote.


Morality is a conspiracy theory itself. One that’s educed to unhinge us into disregarding the changes around us; disarming us of all valency.


A hierarchy puppet play performed masterfully. Eradicating more and more chances for resurgence of good life.


That what is deemed as immoral, is that what shows the world its own shame.

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