Elle by Ftoon Mansoor

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Who is Elle? Learn a little bit about her here.

I get called bitch about five times a day. It comes with the job.

It never mattered what I’ve been called, I never care for any judgments.

I believe in my strength, in my art, and in my raw talent.

Art is what defines me; it almost feels like it is in my bloodstream. I have completely inhaled it that it is who I am.

My soul craves it, it craves art; it craves sketching it on skin.

I transform my visions into it; my mind is always spoken by it.

I have sacrificed myself to this job, to become attached to it, to believe others’ beliefs, to listen carefully to their stories as if I am their therapist, to get creative by only hearing them out and applying their ideas into their skin, and I do it all for the sake of art that lives in me and how pleasant it makes me.

I’ve always looked up to artists with splendid art pieces and felt the need to become one of them, there are many artists that make me want to come out of my shell and turn into this magnificent artistic creature.

But the bitterness that comes with the job is hard to bear, and the pleasures do not quite cover the displeasures.

I am numb from how I am treated because of the title of my job, how my family looks at me, they all look at me like I am a psychotic freak.

It hurts to be looked at like that, it numbs me inside.

And there’s nothing that empowers me a much as art does, and I will never stop considering it a part of who I am.

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