Elle by Rania Ghazal

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Who is Elle? Learn a little bit about her here.


I get called a bitch about 5 times a day. It comes with the job, I guess.


You see, my name is Elle. I’m a 23-year-old tattoo artist. My body is inked with skulls, lyrics, and flowers from head to toe. I am greeted with judgement and degrade everywhere I go. People have an immediate idea of who I am and what kind of life I lead. They think they know everything. Truth is, they don’t. They don’t know that I am a Harvard graduate. I grew up labelled as ‘the smart one’ especially to my mother. She always had a dream of watching me become something big, so I did exactly what she wanted. I went off to university and studied for years, I was the top in all my classes, and finally graduated. I became a lawyer and made my mother proud.

A few months later, she passed away. She died thinking her daughter became the person she wanted to become, and to me, that was enough.


That was when it all changed. I threw away my degree and started working at a tattoo parlour. I spend the rest of my life drawing and writing things on every part of people’s bodies. I carved their skin and watched them light up like it didn’t hurt at all. Every single person that came to have a tattoo wanted it so bad, and that’s what I loved the most about being the one to do it for them. The human body became my canvas and my art would be permanent. Nothing made me more content. Nothing.

I am hated and looked down upon. I get called a bitch about 5 times a day, it comes with the job, and I don’t care.

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