Elle by Meshael Al Blehed

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Elle is a Writing Club project. Learn a little bit about her here.


I get called “bitch” five times a day, it comes with the job.

I produce art in the most egotistical form; I’m a tattoo artist. I don’t settle for a canvas less than the living flesh. Travelling billboards of my imagination. I hurt and hurt until they look at themselves and see what I could make out of them.


Client satisfaction aside, I own them. I mark them with my ink and let them wander the globe carrying a piece of me with them. A piece that they will hold close, permanent. A constant reminder of that moment and what it means.


Some will flaunt it around, pick clothes that deliberately show it off. Some will hide it and just show it to the people they love, like a treasured badge of honor. Either way, what I do is special.

You come to me with notions of your beliefs, sentiments for your loved ones, your most intimate secrets. You trust me to meet your unvoiced expectations and I always come through the second you look at the mirror.

I still get called a bitch. I think it’s the thanks I get.

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