Woman by Ftoon

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My religion gave me every right as a woman, but my country gave me no rights not at all.  The way us women are treated in this place is inhuman. Men’s rights comparing to women’s are ridiculously unfair, traditions are being attached to religion. When you’re a woman the rate of your judgment increases, but when you’re a man you’re less judged. I’m saddened, I’m disappointed, I cannot live the way I want to live. Why? Because I am entirely connected to a “man” who should be taking over everything I own, my money, my education, my independence, my freedom. I am a bird in a cage, I cannot fly, I am locked up inside a horrible reality in a place that I don’t belong in.

Change must happen. My generation must take action, we must demand our rights! Women back in the early 90’s protested to gain their rights, at first they were imprisoned but after a few years women started gaining their rights. There is nothing impossible and we can change this situation, it depends on us, as a generation of young women who are willing to fight till their last breath for their rights. Sadly, not many are willing to fight which leaves me hopeless at some time, and the feeling of not belonging will never stop, I can only imagine myself somewhere else. I loathe the fact that I truly cannot tolerate living here, but in order for me to reach my freedom I must get away. Not even my dreams can come true in this place, and my dreams are what I’m living for. I have faced many obstacles and I’m still young, it makes me wonder of what is going to happen when I’m more mature and grown up, how much more bitter will my life turn out to be?

Despite the odds, some women are outstanding enough to carve their path and become powerfully extraordinary and successful, which is what I hope I would become.

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