Woman by Latifah Al Jasser

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1:00 A.M.    New York, USA.


Name: Lisa Carter.

Age: 30 years old.

Relationship Status: Single.


She opens the door to her apartment and throws her suitcase on the nearest chair. As she takes off her high stilettos her iPhone dings signalling that a new e-mail has arrived; she opens it while smiling. Lisa feels as if life is going the right way for her, for she thinks that she will be getting a promotion to be a partner in the law firm she’s working in. As she looks at her self in the mirror she’s stunned at how drained she looked, but the thought of her becoming a partner makes it seem all worth the exhaustion.


Meanwhile on the other side of the world:


1:00 P.M.   Surabaya, Indonesia.


Name: Yuliani Oesman.

Age: 30 years old.

Relationship Status: Divorced.


The sun is blazing down on the rice fields, as the beads of sweat roll down the mother of 6 kids’ forehead, the shortage of food makes Yuliani feel light-headed. Thoughts of how life would have been different if she hadn’t got married at the age of 17, like traditions force them to, would be like. When the clock strikes 3:30 P.M. snapping her back to reality she gathers her stuff while being in a haste to make sure she takes the 3:35 P.M. bus to the island center to pick up her children from their schools and to manage cooking for them before she leaves to her second job as a maid in one of the island’s fancy hotels. It’s 30 degrees and the humidity is making her soft long hair stick uncomfortably to her veil. As her scalp prickles with sweat, and her eyes droop from the lack of sleep, familiar thoughts of surrendering to her fatigue invade her mind, but the image of her children quickly brings her back to the present. She sweeps her fingers over her forehead and tucks her hair into her veil.



In the mean time somewhere else in the world:


9:00 A.M   Nefasit, Eritrea.



Name: Asmarina Hyiab.

Age: 30 years old.

Relationship Status: Not Defined.


The unbearable heat of the desert’s sands was channelling through her body moving with her blood flow. She has no clue on where she will find what she’s been looking for; the only thought consuming her mind is not to surrender to the delicious idea of losing conscience; the crucial heat emerging from the earth underneath is making it almost impossible not to lose consciousness. She wills herself not to think of food, for the idea of not finding enough for her and her children terrifies her. Had she known that she was basically walking to her grave, she would’ve liked to spend that moment with her children. As she takes the last step her grip on life loosens and she slips into what everyone hopes is a peaceful never-ending slumber.


However on the other side of the Red Sea:


9:00 A.M Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Name: Sara bint Mohammed.

Age: 30 years old.

Relationship Status: Married.


The alarm clock rings disturbing her much-needed sleep, nonetheless she smiles, for it is the start of a new day. Ideas about the colors she needs to pick for the house she’s decorating are flying across her mind. She gets up from her bed and tip toes quietly to her 10 months old son’s crib; she kisses his forehead gently and walks to her closet to wear her clothes for work. Once she made sure her son was fed, changed, and asleep she left for work. She spent the day moving from one house to another, trying to match colors and furniture pieces, and attempting to find what all her clients want to put in their homes. She loved her job, but juggling her multi roles as a daughter, mother, wife, and career woman keeps her awake at night wondering if she has done justice by all her roles.

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