Woman by Maha Al Mazrou

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Never in all my life have I called myself a feminist, not because I didn’t go along with equality, but because I didn’t want to be placed in a stereotype that I am nothing but a man-hating lesbian hippie with hairy armpits. But looking back now, I realize how ignorant I was for laughing at the feminists like everyone else, and I feel guilty for not questioning who they really are a lot sooner.

It is so sad to know that many societies still treat women as subordinate and consider the ones who are happy single as frigid, while view men with the same attitude as bachelors. And they unfairly label non monogamous women as sluts, while they view non monogamous men as players. They also blindly submit women to some social conventions believing that equality is synonymous with destroying cultures and treat them as if they were any less than men for the simple reason of being women, neglecting the obvious fact that if most of the men we get to know are any indication, women are rather more of gentlemen than any of them.


And as the realization of these awful facts washed over me and through me, I could no longer deny being a feminist! I declare myself a fervent feminist! So having said that, how can I escape the boxes that society tries to pigeonhole me into when I in the first place don’t fit into some stereotypical molds?

I am now a passionate feminist who believes that women have been second and subordinate long enough and yearns to live in a society where achievement is based on merits and not gender, and tries to fully abolish the inhumane and sexist notion of discrimination.


Yes, I am a feminist, but that doesn’t make me a yuppie or a hippy. I have my nose pierced but I keep my legs and armpits shaved. I love wandering in big restless cities and I am a self-professed shopaholic. I am fascinated by cosmetic products and I am always attracted to sparkly and glittery things.  On the spiritual level, I am so confused yet haven’t given up searching. And on the emotional level, I am very fragile yet amazingly resilient. I have a torrid desire to fix everything and break the mold of stereotypes and judgments to help people see men and women, heterosexual and homosexual as equal human beings with the same rights and privileges.


Sadly, it is a terrible time being a woman but luckily, it is an appropriate time being a feminist since things are changing and feminists are determined to not give up until women have all of their rights granted to them.

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