Woman by Mashael Al Blehed

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I am a woman. A woman: just a prefix to a man.

I am sidelined; removed and easily replaced but I am still capable of retracing my footsteps and replaying my mistakes. I can rethink my position and rewrite every scenario.

I am ostracised; mislead, mistreated and I misbehave but more than anything, I am misread.


I am impossible, imperfect and impatient but my worth is immeasurable.

I am distrusted, disrespected and dismissed, but I disagree with every dishonest label pinned to my gender and I shall disarm you with the truth.

I am incompetent, incorrect, indecent and insane. But I take it all inoffensively knowing the insincerity of it all.


I am uncivilized, unable, uncertain, undecided, unreasonable, and unwanted. But in contrast I am unafraid of admitting any of my flaws. I am unbelievable because I am unblemished by whatever you might throw at me. I am unbreakable, unequivocal, and unchained by your constraints and unconcerned with what you deem fit for me solely based on the type of my reproductive organs. I am an unforgettable force that has much to do with this society than any other if not more.


I am a woman, a prefix, but I am placed before your words.

I am undeniable.

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