Woman by Mimi

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You shaped my world…

But woman, you broke it.

You had the stars of all the galaxies poured into your eyes,
So you can see; dreamy
Woman, you may build a universe
But you sure know how to suffocate it.

In your purest form you are beautiful,
But with all these masks you are faded.
You are now easily forgotten,
And you are now, wilted and withered.

Your stars are dying out, and cannot thrive.
You no longer have life, and you are now winded.

You are beaten you are weak,
Frail, and ailing.
Woman, you are drowning.
And woman, no one is here to save you.

You are incapable of compassion,
You are heartless but full of soul.
Woman, you swayed me to a beat that lingered in my mind
And heart.
But woman, you dropped me into your core to burn

In your glory you were golden,
But in your weakness you are dim.

But even when you’re shattered to pieces,
I find myself loving every little shard
Woman, you shape my universe
And woman, you can always break it.

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