Woman by Manayer Abdullah

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         Dear women of the world, I send you this message out and clear, showing you the truth no one ever dared to speak. In here, I promise to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. I won’t pick my words wisely, I won’t even think of them either. The truth is the truth, no matter how hideous, it needs to be said.

You need to acknowledge that the fact that most of the human kind sees you as a sex object is a thing you are not supposed to blame on capitalism. Capitalism might have used this already existing reality, but it did not create it. It’s been there before; it’s in our mindset. We spend our lives trying to protect you from other people who we believe will use your irresistible beauty. We believe that their uncontrollable raging need for the women’s body is your fault, and that’s why we need you to hide. Because you know what could happen if your “private diamond”, as we call it, is used or touched by any other human? You might not lose much, it’s just some blood drops that will fall and will stain your bed sheets, but to us, it means that we’re losing our pride, dignity, and the water of our faces, and do you know what that might cost you? Your whole life. And the truth be said, we don’t have a problem in shooting you in the head just to get ourselves out of the circle of shame your deeds have got us into, and don’t you for a second worry, no one will ever blame us. If you haven’t noticed this yet, but we really can’t comprehend the idea that you are a human, and not an outsider who intruded into our lives and assigned us to guide them through their lives, tick by tick.

In this sweet society that believes you are a queen and spends some certain efforts trying to convince you that you are actually a queen, you, my dear, need to learn the definition of a queen in here. Being the queen of your house, or whatever kingdoms we are pointing at, means you have to be perfect. In fact, long before you were born, we have written and stated the characteristics of this queen and we expect you to follow these points. You might believe that we are okay with you not following each and every point, but that’s not the truth, we are never okay with anything of that sort.

First of all, you need to be the most feminine beautiful lady of them all. You need to be the one that the mirror of Snow White’s evil step mother answers her name when it is asked “Who’s the prettiest of them all?” you need to be Kim Kardashian, with her neatly shaped curves and her black long hair. You are required to be this way 24/7.  And if you don’t, for a minute, you will be accused of being an ugly tomboyish girl who is immature and is never getting married. Speaking of marriage, you also need to be, as the queen has always been, a great housewife! Because we all know that this is what you were created for, the kitchen. You need to wake up very early and serve the finest kinds of foods for your husband on breakfast, the same should happen on launch and dinner! Be sure that the rooms are always clean, and so should be the clothes of your family members. You also need to know that regardless of all of this, you need to maintain your Kim Kardashian inspired look, and be ready for your tired husband at night in your red bed, having to act that you enjoy the 5 seconds orgasm he thinks he is causing you.

Second of all, we, so badly, want you to become the role model of everyone else. A successful entrepreneur maybe, a cardiologist or a PhD holder! Other people would come to your mother and envy her for having such a perfect intelligent daughter! You have the best grades, best business projects. It wouldn’t hurt if you were also great at something else, too. Painting maybe, or writing. But be careful! Not music or sports! You know what others might say about us.

Even though we believe that you were born with less brain cells than what we have, we still insist that you should achieve all of this. And even though we know that you are reckless and 100% driven by your emotions, we are sure you can balance between all of this even if it might naturally cause any sort of stress or pressure on you. And even though it might seem that we want you to be successful, smart and independent, we will never let you go and trust your abilities, because deep down in our hearts, we are sure you have black colored heart that is foolish and shameless. My dear women, you are very much similar to a Satan that lives inside a heaven, whatever he does, he will forever be known as a Satan, and his heart will forever be filled with devil thoughts and deeds. But poor him, he can never be himself. He can’t practice his devilish deeds, not with us holding him back and guiding him throughout this life until god takes his soul forever. Only then, will we rest. Be sure, that you can’t make a mistake. Your one mistake is nothing but a disastrous act that shows us how bad and rotten you are from the inside. Please note that we can never trust you, even if we claim we do, we don’t. We will do what we think is right, and that is preventing you from being your true self because yourself is not what we want. You are what we want you to be. You should be everything that’s been stated before, but you will always be nothing. And if anyone ever spoke or objected, we will clear out that these are the teachings of our religion. Even though they’re not, we are known to be the people of religion and everyone will just be silenced.

Wait, you are saying that you can’t compromise between all of this? You mean you can’t be that queen we have in our minds? You mean you’re not superwoman or a some sort of an avenger? I’m a hypocrite and what I’m saying doesn’t make sense? You know what, you are liberal and atheist! Your mind has been washed by the western media! You are what I’ve known you are long ago, nothing but rubbish! You should be locked; your eyes should have been blinded. I knew that it’s not right to give a woman more than what she deserves. I knew I should’ve stopped respecting you long ago! If you ever think that your words will ever stop me, if you ever seek bringing my thoughts and I down, you will surely find me. I might be your father, your brother, your uncle and maybe your cousin. I might be your religion instructor and the Mufti of your country. And surprisingly, I might be your sister or even your mother. But what you don’t know is, I might be somewhere inside you. You believe in my great power, you can’t beat it, unless you decide you want to fight the part of me you have inside of you.

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